Morgan & West

Magicians, time-travellers & all round spiffing chaps

Private Hire


Morgan & West have performed their trademark jaw-dropping magic all over the world, including sell out shows in the UK, Australia and South Africa. Recognisable from their appearances on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us (ITV1), The Slammer (CBBC) and The Next Great Magician (ITV1), their performances are suitable for ages 7 – 107. Shows are uniquely tailored to each event, with Morgan & West able to perform close up, after dinner cabaret or exclusive parlour magic for your VIP guests.

Previous clients include Heineken, Eventim, Accenture, University of Oxford, The Science Museum, and The Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival.

Close-up Magic

If you are looking to add a touch of sparkle to your event but do not have the space for a full stage show, why not unleash a pair of dashing Victorian conjurers on your guests?

Morgan & West can wander round spreading mirth and magic in their wake at dinners, drinks receptions, weddings, balls and practically any other situation where people can sit, stand or fall over in disbelief. The pair also make the perfect moving entertainment for themed events being, as they are, genuine time travellers.

All Morgan & West need to bedazzle your guests is enough light to be seen clearly and little enough background noise to be heard clearly. Everything else they use will be produced from a sleeve, top hat, or behind the ear of a small child*.

If you have any other questions then they can be answered straight from the horse’s mouth. If Morgan & West were horses that is. Which they are not. Best try the contact page where you can get in touch with them directly.

*Morgan & West cannot provide their own small children.

Stage shows

Morgan & West enjoy nothing more than performing stage shows stuffed to the brim with laughs, gasps and audience interaction, all presented in four glorious dimensions.

The chaps can perform to audiences as small as 20, or as large as you can possibly imagine, provided you have somewhere to put them. Shows are tailored to requirements and can run for between 45 and 90 minutes. Morgan & West’s stage work is suitable for ages 7 to 107 and contains no profanity, lewd humour or exposed ankles.

For those audiences with a lower average age, Morgan & West also have children’s show, suitable for 5 and up.

Get in touch

We can also tailor our performance to suit your needs. Email us or click below for more contact options.