Morgan & West

Magicians, time-travellers & all-round spiffing chaps

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Good Morning!

Welcome to the internet home of dashing duo of deception Morgan & West, the world’s finest time travelling Victorian magic act.

Here you will find a veritable wealth of information about the chaps including who they are, what they do, and where they can be found doing what they do (and being who they are).

Whatever your magical entertainment needs, Morgan & West are at your service and only a telegram or carrier pigeon away.

Four stars

“Morgan and West were immediately likeable and put the (sold out) audience at their ease.”

Five stars

“Simply spiffing!”


Five stars

“... memorable, funny, exciting and unique...”


Four stars

“...elaborate, perfectly synchronised and expertly rehearsed.”

British Comedy Guide

Four stars

“They're clearly hugely talented.”

The Daily Mirror

Five stars

“This family-friendly show will leave you amused, entertained and utterly boggled. ”

Fringe Podcast

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