Morgan & West

Magicians, time-travellers & all-round spiffing chaps

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Good afternoon!

Welcome to the internet home of dashing duo of deception Morgan & West, the world’s finest time travelling Victorian magic act.

Here you will find a veritable wealth of information about the chaps including who they are, what they do, and where they can be found doing what they do (and being who they are).

Whatever your magical entertainment needs, Morgan & West are at your service and only a telegram or carrier pigeon away.

Four stars

“... a meticulously planned and admirably creative magic show.”

The Skinny

Four stars

“...the gentleman masters of sleight of hand...”


Four stars

“They're clearly hugely talented.”

The Daily Mirror

Four stars

“As with the best magic, you are searching your brain for the explanation and thinking ‘how did they do that?'”


Four stars

“...their skills are as versatile as they are confounding.”

What’s On Stage

Four stars

“ of the most interesting magic shows around.”

Festival Journal

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